Premium Styling - Breed profile or Show trim, bath, brush, blow out, nails clipped, sanitary clip, pads of feet shaved and ears cleaned (and plucked if applicable)Full Styling - consists of hair cut, bath, brush, blow out, nails clipped, sanitary clip, pads of feet shaved and ears cleaned (and plucked if applicable)

Lite Styling - includes lite trim on visor, eye corners, and feet, bath, brush, blow out, nails clipped, sanitary clip, pads of feet shaved and ears cleaned (and plucked if applicable)

Bath and Brush - includes bath, brush, blow dry, nails clipped and ears cleaned (and plucked if applicable)

Short Haired Breeds - includes bath, brush, blow dry, nails clipped, ears cleaned and a thorough de-shedding. 


At ManeTame we offer a wide range of premium shampoos and conditioners. If you'd prefer something specific (hypoallergenic, medicated etc.) for your pet, please ask!

All of our prices depend on the size of dog or cat, style of haircut and temperament.

Our fees are based on time taken to style your pet. If your pet is matted or has behavioral problems, it may take longer and will be charged accordingly. Excessively matted pets will be shaved. If your pet has fleas we will administer a flea bath and will be charged accordingly. 

Please call for pricing.

Additional Spa Services

Our spa services are available in addition to the services above and not A La Cart


Mud Bath - Our mud baths can alleviate raw irritated skin, itchiness and can soothe flea bite dermatitis.

Hot oil Treatment or Conditioning Wrap - If your pet has excessively dry skin or brittle hair we may be able to help with this treatment. It also helps during shedding season. This treatment is not recommended with a full styling, it can leave the hair to soft and heavy to achieve the proper styling.

Sugar Scrub - Sugar scrubs are exfoliant and anti-bacterial. We can gently slough dead skin off of your pet, soothe redness and help clean up black heads, or bumps that are prevalent in a lot of our harsher hair dogs.

Salt Scrub - Salt scrubs are also exfoliant, and surprisingly hydrating to the skin. It helps to keep the shampoo and water from leaching minerals from the skin and drying it out. Also can be soothing to sore muscles and aching joints.

Fizzy Paw Pedicure - A soothing pedicure for those tired paws. Fights fungus and bacteria while it soothes and moisturizes. 

A La Cart Services

Nails - $12      Plus grinding - $14

Teeth - $5      

Nail Polish - $3

The stylists of ManeTame regularly attend classes and seminars in order to keep up to date on health and safety, styling, and spa techniques.

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